A great essential for urban living.


When you want to bring more then 1 watch, and if you don’t want to run around with an bulky plastic box, a nice watch roll is your great alternative.

This rare hand crafted watch roll is the perfect fusion between the Italian finest soft suede leather  and a vibrant design to carry up safely your timepieces.

One of the essential items for watchlovers for a good protection to transport the beloved watches.


The internal dimensions allow housing 6 watches up to 44mm in diameter.

Measures: Closed: 15x10x 10cm. Open 35x15cm.

Inner/Outer:100% Italian Suede Leather

Because every single product is one of a kind, it is normal that the item can be slightly different from the image shown here, (especially in colors that seen on a screen, can appear more brilliant).

Every single product, to guarantee full customer satisfaction, is carefully supervised by us before being sent after the order has been placed.


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